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Casa Lilia

Antigua, Guatemala

Welcome dear guest to Casa Lilia, one of La Antigua ́s nest gems. Located in the center of what once was the baroque capital, Santiago de Guatemala, this home embodies the very essence of La Antigua today.


What makes this possible is the fact that this is not a manufactured experience, because you simply cannot manufacture this; this is the authentic home of one of La Antigua's most treasured citizens. As an ambassador's wife, Lilia had always been accustomed to receiving and entertaining a wide variety of guests, from dignitaries to academics; everyone always noted her warm and welcoming nature. From its tranquil gardens to the breathtaking terraces, to the lavish interiors, everything has been carefully nurtured and preserved to grant this house its unique authenticity.


Yet despite all that, Lilia’s main goal was always for this to be her home away from home, for no matter how many places she would live in, no other could compare to this one. And nothing pleased her more than sharing this home with others. In honor of her memory, her cherished home will continue to receive guests, with the same warmth, attention, and care she always provided in abundance.



So, dear guest,

are you ready to experience your own

authentic home-away-from-home?

Whats included?

Sleeps 6

3 bedrooms

3.5 bathrooms

- Wifi
- Garden


- Tv room
- Terrace 360 view





per night
- Includes breakfast & cocktail hour.


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